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HP V1700-8 Switch: Small form factor 8-port 1


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The HP 1700 Switch Series consists of two 10/100 fanless, Web-managed switches that are ideal for open offices that require silent operation or businesses making the transition from unmanaged to managed networks. The HP 1700-24 Switch is a 24-port switch with 22 10/100 ports plus two dual-personality ports. The HP 1700-8 Switch is a small-form-factor switch with seven 10/100 ports and one 10/100/1000 port. The HP 1700 switch series enables increased network capabilities without added complexity.

- IEEE 802.1p prioritization: delivers data to devices by honoring the priority and type of traffic. Broadcast control: allows limitation of broadcast traffic rate to cut down on unwanted network broadcast traffic.
- IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP): provides link-level redundancy; support for up to 4 trunks, with up to 7 links (ports) per trunk on the HP 1700-8 Switch, and support for 12 trunks, with up to 8 links (ports) per trunk on the HP 1700-24 Switch.
- Intuitive Web interface: enables simple management via an easy-to-use Web browser interface for switch configuration, monitoring, and administration. Integration with HP PCM: enables discovery and mapping via HP PCM, available as a free download from the Web. IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP): automated device discovery protocol provides easy mapping using network management applications.
- VLAN support and tagging: support up to 64 port-based VLANs and dynamic configuration of IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging, providing security between workgroups.
- Management password: provides security so that only authorized access to the Web browser interface is allowed.
- Port mirroring: enables traffic on a port to be simultaneously sent to a network analyzer for monitoring.