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About the company

IT.LV is one of the leading distributor of IT equipment. We specialize in server and networking equipment. We offer more than 100 worldwide brand names in different price range, such as Cisco, Avaya, HP, IBM and many others.

IT.LV has a number of advantages:

  • Our flexible price policy allows you to purchase necessary equipment significantly cheaper compared to other distributors – in average 15 to 40%.
  • Thanks to a wide variety and availability of goods in our stock and our partners’ warehouses we are able to offer product delivery within 24 hours from the moment of the order. Even in cases of non-standard orders we are able to deliver the goods to you within a few days.
  • Our main specialization is new, original goods of the largest global brands, but if necessary we are happy to offer you refurbished equipment, as well as hard to find and EOL models, which is provided with our special warranty.
  • Purchasing the goods at IT.LV you can be sure of the trustworthiness and quality of our service because we offer our clients the goods that are physically in stock and the entire sales process (from pre-order to shipping) is supervised and guided by your personal manager.
  • We are a local company which eases greatly the entire process of communication as well as provision of the post-sales service and consultation regarding any questions.

Trading with us is easy and beneficial! Contact us and our sales managers will consult you on any questions you have.